Feasting for Two

Around the United States, millions of people will be getting together tomorrow to enjoy the time-honored Thanksgiving tradition of gathering with friends and family, giving thanks — and eating. A lot. When you’re pregnant, the family holiday get-together takes on a whole new dimension. Below are a few tips to help you remain happy, healthy, and sane among family and friends.


Drink up – Well, not those kinds of drinks. It’s easy to get caught up in conversation, cooking, and general merry-making when among friends and family during the holidays. As others refill their glass with bubbly, fill yours with water to stay hydrated.

Smile & nod – A growing bump and a family gathering prompts lots of advice, suggestions, and birthing war stories. With unwanted advice, many women find it easier to just smile and nod. Or, reply with, “My doctor/midwife has advised us to ______” Hard to argue with medical advice. If people feel the need to share their negative/scary birth story, say, “Shhh! No bad birth stories — the baby can hear you!”

Have seconds – And thirds, and fourths. If you’re in your third trimester, eating a large meal in one sitting may push you past your comfort level. Instead, eat small portions of your holiday meal throughout the afternoon and evening.

BYO crackers – If you’re in your first trimester and experiencing nausea, consider bringing your own side dish to dinner — crackers. No one will care that you can’t partake in Grandma’s favorite casserole or pumpkin pie — more for them!

Hands off – Some women love for others to fuss over and touch their belly while pregnant. Other women hate it. If you fall into the latter category, come up with a game plan to politely (or bluntly — whatever your style) let people know that you’re not comfortable with their touching. Perhaps a special t-shirt?

Take a break – The holidays are the perfect time to “pull the pregnancy card.” Feel free to retreat, take a seat, put your feet up — growing new life is hard work!