Feasting for Two

Around the United States, millions of people will be getting together tomorrow to enjoy the time-honored Thanksgiving tradition of gathering with friends and family, giving thanks — and eating. A lot. When you’re pregnant, the family holiday get-together takes on a whole new dimension. Below are a few tips to help you remain happy, healthy, and sane among family and friends.


Drink up – Well, not those kinds of drinks. It’s easy to get caught up in conversation, cooking, and general merry-making when among friends and family during the holidays. As others refill their glass with bubbly, fill yours with water to stay hydrated.

Smile & nod – A growing bump and a family gathering prompts lots of advice, suggestions, and birthing war stories. With unwanted advice, many women find it easier to just smile and nod. Or, reply with, “My doctor/midwife has advised us to ______” Hard to argue with medical advice. If people feel the need to share their negative/scary birth story, say, “Shhh! No bad birth stories — the baby can hear you!”

Have seconds – And thirds, and fourths. If you’re in your third trimester, eating a large meal in one sitting may push you past your comfort level. Instead, eat small portions of your holiday meal throughout the afternoon and evening.

BYO crackers – If you’re in your first trimester and experiencing nausea, consider bringing your own side dish to dinner — crackers. No one will care that you can’t partake in Grandma’s favorite casserole or pumpkin pie — more for them!

Hands off – Some women love for others to fuss over and touch their belly while pregnant. Other women hate it. If you fall into the latter category, come up with a game plan to politely (or bluntly — whatever your style) let people know that you’re not comfortable with their touching. Perhaps a special t-shirt?

Take a break – The holidays are the perfect time to “pull the pregnancy card.” Feel free to retreat, take a seat, put your feet up — growing new life is hard work!

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Cara began working with Lamaze in 2004, two years before becoming a mother. Three kids later, she's a full-fledged healthy birth advocate and the Site Administrator for Giving Birth with Confidence. Most recently Cara began study to become a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and DONA certified doula (learn more about her services at www.SimpleSupportBirth.com). She continues to stand in awe of the power and beauty in pregnancy and birth, and enjoys helping women discover their own power and joy in the journey to motherhood.

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