Lamaze Care Practices: What They Are & How They Can Help

Common sense tells us and research confirms that the Six Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices featured in these video clips and print materials are tried-and-true ways to make birth as safe and healthy as possible. But don’t take our word for it — click through to watch each of the short clips to learn more about safe & healthy birth and how best to achieve it, no matter where you give birth.

Introduction: Safe and Healthy Birth Practice - Download PDF

#1: Let Labor Begin on Its Own - Download PDF

#2: Walk, Move & Change Positions - Download PDF

#3: Have Continuous Support - Download PDF

#4: Avoid Unnecessary Interventions - Download PDF

#5: Get Upright & Follow Urges to Push - Download PDF

#6: Keep Your Baby With You - Download PDF

Download the complete booklet here.

Lamaze International partnered with InJoy Productions and their new Mother’s Advocate program to provide you with this free, evidence-based educational material.

Avatar of Cara TerreriAbout Cara Terreri
Cara began working with Lamaze in 2004, two years before becoming a mother. Three kids later, she's a full-fledged healthy birth advocate and the Site Administrator for Giving Birth with Confidence. Most recently Cara began study to become a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and DONA certified doula (learn more about her services at She continues to stand in awe of the power and beauty in pregnancy and birth, and enjoys helping women discover their own power and joy in the journey to motherhood.


  1. My husband I took both the Lamaze classes and the Bradley Method Classes. We thought the Bradley method classes were much more informative and that the husband coached childbirth was much more effective. The Lamaze classes still teach a lot of outdated techniques and we felt like they tried to make you feel like you had something to do rather than had something effective to do.

  2. I remember one exercise in particular in my first Lamaze class that made everyone seem to appreciate just how powerful these techniques are. Once the moms had zeroed in on their designated focal point and began their breathing exercise, their partners were instructed to start squeezing the woman’s forearm as hard as they could. Throughout this entire 60-second exercise, not one of the moms broke their concentration, continuing to breathe as they had been taught, completely unaware that at the same moment their partner was annihilating one of their limbs. Once the instructor clicked the stopwatch and told everyone to relax, each of the moms took a cleansing breath, exhaled, then suddenly looked down at their throbbing arm wondering what in the world was going on.

    Fortunately, it’s not hard to outrun a large pregnant woman. These guys scattered like geese. But the point had been made. In my opinion, Lamaze techniques should be taught to anyone having a painful medical procedure or experience, even if it’s not childbirth. Old school or not, these techniques have worked and made a huge difference for countless numbers of people for years.

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