Great Expectations: Meagan @ 36 Weeks

The holidays have passed us and now it’s full-speed ahead to the baby’s arrival. I had my 36-week check-up today. My midwife said next week I will technically be full-term, so theoretically, the baby could arrive at any point after that. It’s crazy enough to think of the baby being here in four or five weeks, let alone one or two. I suppose that means we should start getting out the diapers, clothes and other baby paraphernalia.

I must say it was a little strange being pregnant during the holidays. My first two were born in October, so I had newborns during Christmas. Now, I got to hear all the comments of how massive my belly is. Are you sure there isn’t more than one in there? Are you really going to be able to hold out another month? Then there is always the question that comes with a head tilt. So, [tilt head] how are you feeling? Most people also give a little wince, expecting to hear horror stories about hemorrhoids, indigestion, varicose veins and other such maladies. But, I’m still holding strong and feeling good, other than the heaviness that comes from hauling around a record-breaking watermelon all day.

At my check-up today, I had my group B strep test. Now I get to wait a week to see what the results are. I’m hoping it is negative because I really don’t want to have to labor with an IV. I made it through the first two deliveries with no wires connecting me to anything and I’m hoping for the same this time around. I’m just concerned that by being connected, I will be distracted and not able to labor with full focus. Not to mention that if this delivery goes as quickly as my last one, I wouldn’t even be in the hospital long enough to get the full dose of antibiotics. So, here’s hoping for another negative test result!

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  1. Lacey Jane says:

    You look absolutely fabulous. I (somehow) just made it through the holidays at 6 months pregnant, and I am the first one pregnant on my side of the family, so there were a lot of comments. Lot’s of “Looks like twins” comments. One Drunkle even told me “you better not get fat” when I was going for some pie. Luckily I can defend myself with snappy comebacks, but man- it was kind of rough! Congrats on your upcoming birth! Fingers crossed for negative results :)

  2. Meagan says:

    Thanks, Lacey! Why do people jump to the twin comment so easily? It’s as if our society has forgotten what a pregnant woman looks like…or maybe they just don’t know what else to say. Glad you made it through the holidays and had some snappy comebacks to help you through. I don’t care for random people touching my belly, so I always try to keep a few comebacks in my mind for when someone inappropriately feels like they can just reach out and touch me. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  3. Avatar of Cara Terreri Cara Terreri says:

    Meagan, you look great! It always amazed me that some of the “best” comments about my appearance came from family members. Glad to hear that you’re still feeling great. I too had fairly easy pregnancies and friends were usually surprised (and maybe resentful?) when I told them how good I felt toward the end. I look forward to the next update!

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