Month of Mother’s Day Giveaway: Undercover Mama Nursing Tank

This giveaway is now closed.

When it comes to nursing in public, every mom develops her own level of comfort and preferences. Some moms prefer to cover up or retreat to a more private area while some moms feel just fine to breastfeed anywhere, anyhow. With my two boys, who I breastfed for a year each, I was somewhere inbetween. One of the more frustrating issues, however, was lifting my shirt to nurse– I wasn’t so concerned with bearing part of my breast, but rather with exposing half of my stomach and back. I could wear an undershirt, but still had to fiddle with the awkwardness of separating two shirts.

Enter Undercover Mama. Elisa, founder of the Undercover Mama shirt, expressed the same frustrations with nursing in public, which is how she came to develop the shirt. The Undercover Mama shirt is a tank-style undershirt, but in place of straps there are hooks that attach to any nursing bra (or regular bra), turning any shirt into a nursing shirt. Here’s a demonstration:

Undercover Mama was kind enough to send me a shirt to try. Even with my 28 week belly, the fabric was soft and stretchy enough to fit (which means it will be great for the ever-changing postpartum belly) and the workability of the hooks was great! Using the shirt is as easy as unsnapping and peeling back a nursing bra cup. Brilliant!

Undercover Mama is giving away one of their awesome shirts to a Giving Birth with Confidence reader!


To enter this giveaway, visit and view their shirts, then return to this post and leave a comment to let us know your favorite color and why you would like to have one.

For two more chances to win:

1) Like Undercover Mama on Facebook and leave another comment on this post to let us know — if you already like them, leave a comment.

2) Follow Undercover Mama on Twitter and leave another comment on this post to let us know. If you already follow them, leave a comment.

This giveaway will close on Sunday, June 5 at 11:00 p.m. EST. The winner will be announced here on the blog on Monday, June 6.



The winner of  last Monday’s Binsi birth skirt giveaway is: Tina! She said, “I love the Prima Mama Sport skirt, and I would love to wear it for my birth this August!” Congratulations and thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway.

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  1. Lindsay says:

    I like the black one. Won’t show when I have leaky boobs!

  2. Molly says:

    Love the brown! I’m currently nursing my 4 month old and this would be great to have!

  3. Tina says:

    I like the brown one. I’m going to start nursing my first this summer and I want to make it as easy and comfortable as possible so we have a long nursing relationship!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. These are terrific. I am a independent Lamaze instructor and would love to be able to show one to my childbirth and breastfeeding students. I will recommend my local Maternity boutique brings them in to sell and will show to the breastfeeding moms there for whom I facilitate discussion groups. I love the fact that they are apparently soft so will not add a hot layer that would not be comfortable out here in CA in the spring and summer.

  5. Katie says:

    I like the cream one. I have a few nursing tanks but I prefer my nursing bras because they are more comfortable and supportive. These are a great option for women like me.

  6. Dena says:

    I would love the gray or black one — what a neat idea!

  7. Michelle says:

    I like all the colours, but would choose black or cream to coordinate with as many other colours as possible. I am a first time mommy of an amazing 4 week old. We have made a very positive start to nursing, but anything that makes it a liitle easier is welcome!!! I have a couple of nursing tanks, but also prefer my bras. Would love the versatility of the undercover.

  8. Diana says:

    I like the black one-it would be really handy as I pump heading back to FT very soon!

  9. Avatar of Kim Scicluna Kim Scicluna says:

    I love this, wish I would have found it earlier. I’m nursing my 9 month old. I’d like either the brown or cream, but any of them would be great!

  10. Melody Gartman says:

    I love the pink, because my four month old daughter and I are girlie girls :)

  11. Melody Gartman says:

    I’m an Undercover Mama FB fan!

  12. The Knapps says:

    I like the white and would love one since I’m expecting my first and plan to breastfeed.

  13. The Knapps says:

    I like Undercover Mama on Facebook (Danielle Knapp)

  14. Amy says:

    I love the cream! I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant and completely overwhelmed by the amount of equipment having a baby entails. And I’m just starting to look at breastfeeding supplies.

  15. Amy says:

    I like Undercover Mama on Facebook.

  16. Betsy says:

    I like the Gray!. Would be great to be able to wear my bras… and my normal shirts!

  17. Gretchen says:

    I would love a black one. They are great because I have yet to find a supportive nursing tank.

  18. Gretchen says:

    I am an undercover mama fb fan!

  19. Gretchen says:

    And I’m following them on twitter.

  20. Dor says:

    Black! I’m nursing my 4 week old everywhere I go. So I could use one. :)

  21. Amanda says:

    I like the gray- goes with everything!

  22. Caitlyn says:

    i absolutly love these i cant figure out how to order them tho :/

  23. Shayna says:

    I would love a pink one, and I would love it because I am a very large chested women and then to add nursing it doesnt help my problem of finding nursing shirts that fit me without exposing everything. I’m a very discrete person and love the coverage of these shirts!

  24. Lisa Culin says:

    I would love a black one…These are awesome:)

  25. Julie Armel says:

    I would love the black one because it would ‘go’ with the majority of my other clothes.

  26. Julie Armel says:

    I ‘like” Undercover Mama on Facebook.

  27. Monica says:

    Oooh, I think I saw these on baby steals a while back and missed out on them. I’ve been waiting for them to come back. I don’t care which one, I’d just love to have it.

  28. Monica says:

    Liked on FB

  29. Monica says:

    Following on Twitter

  30. Mollie Laurence says:

    I love the white one or the pink in size small. I love this tank because as a the mother of a nursing 3 year old, I already get plenty of unwanted attention and opinions from people when they see my daughter climb up into my lap, smile, and ask for “milk”. I honor my daughter’s timing and will continue to nurse as she comes to the decision in her own timing to stop. But I would love to have this tank to help make me feel a little more relaxed when she politely asks, “mommy milk, please” in public!

  31. Allison says:

    I like the brown – it would go with lots of my clothes. I’d like one because I will soon be a first-time mom and I need it!

  32. rickie says:

    I like the black one, as it would go with everything. I am currently nursing my second child, he is 10 weeks today. i nursed my daughter for 2 and a half years till she weened herself so I am sure I would get much use out of the nursing tank. i never bought any nursing specific clothing with my first and i am working on changing that for this time around since it REALLY does make it nicer than srtuggling with ill fitting and akward clothes. Thank you for sharing a neet product with us.

  33. Jenn Braden says:

    I would choose the white one because white is easier to layer, but I like them all! :)

    I would LOVE a nursing top like this-I have never seen anything like it before! Nursing, especially with a brand new baby, can be awkward no matter how practiced you are! I just had baby number four and it’s still hard to manage all the layers of clothing, arrange them to where I stay covered but Baby can still eat, keep it all in line until she latches and then hope she stays on when I relax from the contorted position I had to assume to make it all possible! I can just imagine how much easier a top like this would make things! I love the ingenuity of other mom’s-that’s the best source for new prodcut. Mom’s KNOW what works!!

  34. Kendra says:

    My favorite color shirt is brown. I would love to have one of this because I am expecting baby #2 and plan on breast feeding. It would be great to have one of these tanks.

  35. Kendra says:

    I Liked Undercover Mama on Facebook ~ Kendra M

  36. Kendra says:

    I followed Undercover Mama on twitter @akritical

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