Great Expectations: Liz @ 40 Weeks

To ease my end-of-pregnancy aches, I went swimming the other day and was pleasantly surprised by two wonderfully sweet older men I ran into.  The first one asked if I was going to be in the water when I had the baby, and before I could even answer, he went on to tell me how he’d been reading all about how great water was for birth.  He then told me, with an enormous amount of pride, about how his wife had all four of their children naturally, without anesthesia, despite the fact that everyone else was being knocked out at the time. He shared how she then nursed their babies and that they were so healthy, so smart, and grew so well. I was still reveling in the joy of that conversation, when another man commented on how comfortable I looked in the water and that he too had been reading about the benefits of water for pregnant women and birth.  I’m not sure what these guys have been reading, but I love it and hope they keep sharing!!

As I go through week 40 of my pregnancy, I am feeling much more relaxed and prepared to birth and meet this little nugget. Just about everything is washed, arranged, and packed in anticipation.  My belly cast is done and drying, courtesy of my doulas and husband. My body is also getting ready–the baby has moved down, finally giving me relief from the constant heartburn, and I’ve started to lose my mucous plug. When it happened, it occurred to me, “Oh, that means my cervix is starting to change. Oh, that means I’m going to have a baby soon!” despite the fact that I had just described to a room full of expectant families what the whole mucous plug thing meant earlier that day.  Most importantly, my mind is ready for birth.  I’ve gotten to a place of acceptance with the entire process–the big change in birth plans, the uncertainty of the health of our baby, all of the unknowns of birth. Rather than play out scenarios in my head, I’m leaving this whole thing up to my baby and the birth goddesses.  I trust that things will work out exactly as they should, that the right people will be there, and that my baby will come exactly when and how he or she is supposed to.

Avatar of Liz AbbeneAbout Liz Abbene
Liz is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and birth doula certified through DONA, and the founder of Enlightened Mama. Liz absolutely loves sharing in the experiences with those embarking on this incredible journey into parenthood, and she believes that knowledge is the key to a positive experience during pregnancy, birth, and parenting. She and her husband, Chris, are the proud parents of three vivacious children, with number four expected in early 2011. Learn more about Liz at


  1. Thank you for continuing to share in your journey, Liz! I LOVE the anecdote about the two older men relating to you the benefits of water birth, nursing, etc. Now THAT is the type of cultural shift we all want to see: a ubiquitous understanding of gentle birth and parenting practices to the point that gentlemen past their own childbearing age are crowing about it! Wonderful!

    Best of everything to you, baby & family…

  2. Hi Liz,
    Have been thinking about you all a lot and wondering how it is all going…and very excited for your family to meet this little one face to face. Continuing to send calm, peaceful thoughts to you all! Can’t wait to hear the news!

  3. Catie says:

    My bday is tomorrow. I could use another bday buddy. :)
    I have enjoyed reading your blog. Sending best wishes to you for a fast, healthy, easy delivery. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  4. Rose says:

    You’re looking great! I’ve been thinking of you often sending positive thoughts and energy your way. Aside from the cool men you ran into while swimming, I could have posted much of what you wrote on my own blog (if I had one). Best wishes!

  5. Rebecca says:

    Liz, your belly cast looks amazing. I’e enjoyed reading through your posts and only wished that our pregnancies had overlapped, so I could have seen more of you at Blooma (we met in Sarah’s class a few weeks ago). Here’s wishing you a beautiful 4th birth!

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