Great Expectations: Liz @ 28 Weeks

One of the most valuable tools a mother (and mother-to-be) has is her instinct. This instinct will help her make smart choices during pregnancy, trust her body throughout birth, and guide her in caring for her child.  This week has given me the opportunity to witness this instinct in both my own life and others.

Just over a week ago, I had an appointment to see my midwife.  My gut instinct told me that I was probably slated to take the gestational diabetes test and that I should call her to remind me of the proper preparations for the screening. Instead, I didn’t, and subsequently failed the test. I then had to wait two nerve-wracking days to take the 3-hour test, which my instinct told me was going to be a waste of time and leave me looking like a human pin cushion after all of the blood draws. Guess what? My instinct was right–turns out I should have just called my provider in the first place and I don’t have gestational diabetes.

In yoga class yesterday, (which for the record, I believe is the best mental, physical, and spiritual preparation for birth) I started to think about how I might incorporate yoga into my upcoming birth.  I looked briefly around the room at the other beautiful mamas in their poses, and wondered the same thing about them.  Even when yoga is led by an instructor, the purpose is for each individual to follow their instinct, look deeply within for wisdom, and move in ways that feel right for them.  I can think of nothing else that translates so well into birth.

Then, early this morning, I joined a beautiful laboring mama and her partner as their doula.  After an entire day of early labor and a long, intense active stage of labor due to a malpositioned baby, this wonderful mama easily pushed out an incredible baby boy with little guidance. How?  Her instinct, of course.

So mamas, trust your instinct!!  It’s right!!

P.S. My instinct told me that this year the family should go as the “Pac Family.”  Here I am with “Blinky!”

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Liz is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and birth doula certified through DONA, and the founder of Enlightened Mama. Liz absolutely loves sharing in the experiences with those embarking on this incredible journey into parenthood, and she believes that knowledge is the key to a positive experience during pregnancy, birth, and parenting. She and her husband, Chris, are the proud parents of three vivacious children, with number four expected in early 2011. Learn more about Liz at


  1. First, I have to say that I love the Ms. Pacman costume. Its so perfect!

    I wanted to complete agree about following our instincts. I think we often hesitant to listen to our little voice, to disregard it, pay it little mind. However, those little voices really do know lots of things.

    In my life before children and becoming a doula, I worked as domestic/sexual violence prevention educator. One of the best prevention techniques for sexual violence: listen to your inner voice. Almost every survivor of sexual violence will tell you that she “knew” something wasn’t quite right and didn’t act on the voice in her head.

    And besides, what is the *harm* of listening to that voice? Usually, it’s only suggesting one small change in behavior, like making a phone call, or recognizing maybe Mr. So and So really shouldn’t come into your house. Whatever the voice is telling you, it’s so important to listen.

    When we listen, we acknowledge that our bodies and minds have something to tell us, that the information is important, and we begin to trust that we have an undeniable wisdom, deserving of our attention.


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